Terms & Conditions

By using Worldpay to make payment to any of the companies within the Woodside Group (including Woodside Distribution, Woodside Motorfreight, Haulage Services, Woodside Haulage, Woodside Ireland and All Route Shipping) you are adhering to all terms and conditions as stated by us below. Please read these carefully and understand them as when payment has been made you are in acceptance of these. Please also note that these terms and conditions relate solely to your use of this online payment system and have no impact on any wider relationship with us.

If you do not accept these terms please do not use this online terminal and instead contact us on 028 933 43019 to discuss.

We reserve the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions as and when we feel necessary, please ensure you are in agreeance with the most up to date version.

If you are in the position to make payment to the Woodside Group you should have received correspondence from us stating amount owing and an account/job reference number. Please ensure any reference provided to you is then quoted when making payment to ensure it can be allocated correctly. As the Woodside Group incorporates a total of 5 companies please ensure payment has been made to the correct one – this can be selected from the dropdown menu and will be stated on any correspondence from us.

After making payment to us you will receive email confirmation of this as will we, The Woodside Group, to notify us that payment has been accepted. Following this we will look to scheduling your job to be carried out. A member of our team will be in touch with you at this stage.

All payments need to be advised as being ‘accepted’ by Worldpay before any job is carried out, this applies across the board for all companies within the Woodside Group. If the payment has been declined it is up to you the customer to arrange an accepted alternative method of payment.

Payment must be made in the currency the job was quoted in, this will be detailed on the invoice you received. If payment has been made in the wrong currency there may be a further payment required to enable us to continue with the job.

Worldpay will request personal information to be able to process your payment, for more information on the information you give and the policies that are adhered to by Worldpay please visit their site - http://www.worldpay.com/uk/privacy-policy


Visa credit and debit
For all debit card payments a 50p + Vat charge will be applied automatically.
For all credit card payments a 2.7% + Vat charge will be applied automatically.

All payments made are for jobs that have been accepted by the Woodside Group. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to carry this out within an acceptable timeframe or should you change your mind before the work has impacted any costs to the Woodside Group we will be happy to offer a refund for the cost of the job.
All refunds will be made to the card that was originally used to make payment.
Should there be an instance where you are dissatisfied with the service you have received please ensure this has been reported to us within 7 days of the job being carried out. At this stage, we will be happy to investigate any claims. Following this period, we will assume everything has been satisfactory and therefore no claims will be accepted.

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